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Why Hidden Injuries Require Immediate Chiropractic Care After A Car Accident

Myth: Minor car accidents do not cause serious injury.

Truth: Even minor collisions can lead to serious bodily injury.

You are not the only one assuming that minor car accidents do not lead to any serious injuries. This is a common assumption that most car accidents victims make.

So, is it dangerous to assume so? Yes, very much. Because, such low-impact collisions can cause hidden injuries that can result in life-altering changes.

What Are Hidden Injuries

If you are involved in a serious accident you are taken straight to the ER for treatment and care. But minor collisions usually end up causing slight bruising or some bump. What you do not get to see is the hidden injuries that low-impact accidents cause.

At the time of a crash, due to the adrenaline rush you may not feel or experience any symptoms of injury. But once the effect of the adrenaline begins to wane, the pains begin and you may experience several symptoms all together.

These aches and pains signal towards hidden injuries. And such injuries take time to surface. You may neglect the nagging pain in your neck or back assuming that it will go away on its own. But pain resulting from hidden injuries does not resolve on its own.

Immediately after the accident you may feel fine and so assume you escaped unhurt from the crash. But because hidden injuries take time to reveal themselves, it is important to have yourself checked by a car accident chiropractor immediately after being involved in a crash. Do not wait it out.

Why Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are experts at evaluating, diagnosing, and treating hidden injuries. The biggest mistake most car accident victims make is that of self-diagnosing their injuries and depending on self-care.

While you can care for your minor injuries at home, such as applying an ice pack and resting the injured area, it is prudent to visit a car accident clinic within 72 hours of being in a car wreck.

Assuming that you escaped unhurt from the car accident will not only worsen your hidden injuries but also hurt your personal injury claim. Due to the effect of the adrenaline rush you may not even be aware that you have been injured and could end up wasting valuable time.

Sometimes hidden injuries begin to reveal themselves after a few days, but at times they make take weeks to even months to surface. By the time they are fully apparent, there is a risk of your pain turning chronic. You also run the risk of not receiving a fair injury claim.

This is where chiropractors play a big role. When you schedule a visit at a car accident clinic right after you’ve been involved in a crash, you stand a much better chance of recovering from hidden injuries and save yourself from long-term complications.

Chiropractors are trained at diagnosing hidden injuries. With the help of spinal adjustments and manipulations they are not only able to judge the extent and severity of trauma, but also treat them on time.

When you visit a car accident clinic, the chiropractor will run a few imaging tests. If required an MRI or CT scan may be carried out to better evaluate and understand your injury as well as to customize a treatment plan for you.

Opting for chiropractic care means you will heal naturally and holistically. Chiropractors do not prescribe medications or carry out surgical procedures to treat car accident injuries. Being regular with your chiropractic sessions helps you heal better and faster.

Why You Should Never Delay A Chiropractic Visit

Not only does your car accident hidden injury worsen if you do not have it shown and treated on time, you also run the risk of hampering your personal injury claim. What is at present acute pain can quickly become chronic if not addressed at the right time.

Also, when you delay treatment your injury runs the risk of not healing properly and on time. The longer it takes to heal the worse it becomes and can also lead to complications.

When you visit the chiropractor after 72 hours or more, your insurance company assumes you did not seriously injure yourself. Also, if you do seek an immediate appointment for your injury you indirectly convey to your insurance company that your injury is not bothering you enough to seek medical attention.

What may seem not serious to you could be a life-altering injury lying concealed below the surface. An immediate appointment at a car accident clinic will save you a lot of trouble and pain in the future. To learn more about the chiropractic treatment options we offer you can visit: or call our auto accident clinic in Coral Gables for chiropractic care at the following number: 305-928-2828.

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