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3 Ways You Can Drive Safe and Prevent A Car Accident during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic, now being made worse by the spread of the Omicron variant, is leading to lockdown-like situations in several parts of the country. Less crowded roads literally turn into racetracks for some drivers. It is these reckless actions of some people behind the wheel that has added to the numbers of speeding and impaired driving incidents during the pandemic.

If you do get caught in a road mishap, do not delay treatment. Postponing a visit to an accident injury doctor can worsen your injuries. You can contact our Coral Gables accident treatment clinic for expert injury treatment guidance.

Being safe on the road has become even more essential in the time of COVID. The consumption of alcohol too has gone up since the pandemic hit. Dependency on drugs, opioids, and alcohol is leading to more crashes and affecting the lives of pedestrians and many other road users by drivers driving in their inebriated state.

So that you remain safe on the road and are not caught unawares by reckless drivers or drunken driving, we’ve created a list of 3 pandemic-related tips that you can follow while on the road.

1. Stock Your Car with All Essentials Before You Hit The Road

Make sure your car is road-ready and stocked with all essentials, especially those that will keep you safe from the Coronavirus. With your car filled with all that you will need while on the road, you will have a stress-free and enjoyable drive. Staying safe and calm while behind the wheel is important not just for you and your passengers but also for all those out there on the road.

Fill up your car with enough stock of alcohol-based liquid sanitizer. Sanitizers that contain 70% alcohol are better equipped at destroying the Coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Along with liquid sanitizers also stock up on sanitizing wipes and other cleaning supplies so you do not run short of them while on the road. They will help keep your car and upholstery free from viruses and bacteria. Carrying some extra face masks is also a good idea, especially in a situation where you lose or spoil the one you are using.

Carry enough snacks and water with you. This helps in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Check your first aid box before the start of your journey so you can replenish it if need be. Check the dates of all the medicines you are carrying and discard any old or expired ones. Being ready with enough food and medicines will prevent you from getting in close proximity to people at the chemist or an eatery.

If unfortunately you do get involved in a car accident, having all the essentials in your car will lead to less anxiety and tension. Instead of worrying about supplies, you’ll be able to focus on the important things that need to be taken care of right after a car accident.

2. Ensure You and Everyone with You Maintain Social Distancing When Not Inside the Car

Keep in mind that you and the other occupants of your vehicle maintain the 6 feet distance recommended by CDC at all times after stepping out of the car. This is an essential step of staying away from the COVID-19 infection. Follow this rule whether at the store or at the site of a road accident.

If you are involved in a collision, stay away from the other drivers as well as the eye witnesses who are at or at close proximity of the accident site. While it is important to communicate and share all relevant information with the other driver, write it down on a piece of paper and pass it on. Maintain the appropriate distance at all times with people present at or near the accident area.

During your drive if you do have to stop and eat, try to sit out in the open and away from the crowd. Better is to eat inside your car or you can stop midway and pick an empty spot to enjoy your meal.

3. Consult Your Chiropractor Via Telehealth

Instead of visiting your car accident chiropractor for a personal consultation, have one via telehealth. While a personal chiropractic session is not possible over telehealth consultation, you can try and keep interaction to a minimum by communicating digitally.

It is best to let your chiropractor judge as to whether you need to personally visit an accident clinic or an initial telehealth consultation is enough to begin treatment. You may be advised a few natural home health remedies, such as ice or heat therapy and some easy stretching, before a consultation is scheduled.

Seize the Chiropractic Care Advantage

Our Coral Gables accident treatment clinic is open to treat you safely and as per COVID-19 guidelines. We are not shutting our doors to you, because we understand the pain that car accident injuries cause, especially if not treated on time. To speak to our chiropractic experts you can call our office at 305-928-2828 today. You can also mail us at and let us know about your concerns.

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