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3 Common Car Accident Neck Injuries That Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Motor vehicle accidents have become one of the major causes of neck injuries. The number of car accident victims with neck injuries continues to rise each year. Over 80,000 cases of neck injuries are reported in the US every year following motor vehicle crashes. Car accident doctors in Miami have also witnessed a surge in the number of neck injuries in recent times.

How Serious Can A Neck Injury Be?

Since there is no outward injury visible in the neck area after a car accident and sometimes even the symptoms can take days and weeks to appear, most victims assume they escaped unhurt. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The neck is one of the most vulnerable areas to be injured during a crash. Even low-impact collisions can cause serious neck injuries and delay in treatment can lead to complications. Let’s understand how.

During a car accident the force of the collision causes the neck to bear a major brunt of the impact. This injures the soft tissues of the neck that can at first manifest as neck pain. Since such injuries remain “hidden” for hours, days, or even weeks after a crash, it is important that you visit a car accident doctor immediately after being involved in a car wreck.

Failing to do so can worsen your neck injury and lead to long-term chronic pain and deterioration in quality of life. Prolonged neck pain can interfere with your daily activities and even prevent you from doing normal chores independently. Your best option is to get yourself evaluated by a car accident chiropractor within 72 hours of the crash.

Common Neck Injuries Sustained During a Car Accident

1. Whiplash: A car collision can cause your neck to be violently thrown forward and backwards or even sideways. This sudden jerk can lead to a strain or tear, or even cause damage to the ligaments and muscles in your neck resulting in what is commonly known as whiplash. It is one of the most common neck injuries caused by car accidents. The severe back and forth movement of the neck during a collision can cause severe damage to the cervical spine and the surrounding soft tissue too.

2. Cervical spine fracture: Another serious injury of the neck caused by a car accident is a cervical spine fracture. The impact of the crash can cause the vertebrae of the cervical spine to snap or fracture. Sometimes after a car accident it may be apparent that you have injured your cervical spine. At such a time try not to move your head and wait for medical assistance. In the case where you are not aware but have slight neck pain, get yourself thoroughly evaluated at a car accident clinic near you without further delay. An injured spinal cord can lead to paralysis if medical attention is not sought on time.

3. Herniated disc or bulging disc: Just like a car collision can cause the spine in the neck area to get fractured, similarly an impact can at times also cause the vertebrae in the cervical spine to slide out of their original position. This is what is known as a slipped disc or bulging disc. The cushion-like structures or discs between the cervical vertebrae squeeze out and push against the spinal nerves and compress them causing pain. If these herniated discs are left untreated they can lead to long-term pain. Sometimes they can also cause tingling and numbness in the shoulders and arms.

The following are some symptoms that you can watch out for after a car accident:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Pain radiating from the neck to the arms and shoulders
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling and numbness in the upper extremities

Do not ignore these symptoms and never make the mistake of assuming they will go away on their own in a few days. Usually they don’t and by then it is too late to reverse the damage. If any of these symptoms persist for more than a few hours, schedule an appointment with a car accident chiropractor immediately.

Why Car Accident Chiropractor?

Injuries to the bones, such as fracture or broken bones are easily visible on an x-ray. But, soft tissue injuries such as whiplash or even herniated disc cannot be detected by the x-ray machines. This is where the role of chiropractor comes in.

Chiropractic care involves healing the body by unlocking its self-healing properties. Chiropractors are experts at treating car accident-related injuries that involve the musculoskeletal system. They use non-invasive treatment alternatives to cure the irregularities of your spine and thus relieve your pain.

No surgical procedures are involved and neither are any drugs or medications prescribed during treatment. Only natural and holistic methods of treatment and care are used to treat your neck injuries.

For more information about the treatment of neck injuries, you may call 305-928-2828 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation with our car accident doctors in Miami. Our chiropractic experts can also be contacted here:

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