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    Understanding Whiplash Injury

    While to most of us whiplash seems a minor injury, it can have long-term effects and the damage can be permanent.

    Whiplash is the most common car accident injury sustained by drivers and passengers both. It occurs when on impact the head snaps forward and back in a sudden jerk, like during a rear-end car collision. This abrupt stretching of the neck damages its ligaments, joints, tendons, nerves, and muscles.

    In simple words, whiplash is the common term used to indicate injury caused to the soft tissue of the neck.

    Whiplash Symptoms / Conditions

    Getting yourself into a car accident injury treatment clinic or to a chiropractor promptly will not only reduce your pain but will also help your neck recover faster. Problems begin when car accident injury is not taken seriously and scheduling an appointment is not considered urgent or important.

    Many auto accident victims claim they did not experience any pain immediately following the collision. But, whiplash injuries can manifest hours, days or even weeks after the accident.

    What is essential is that the victim knows what symptoms to look out for. Here are some common symptoms and conditions that almost all whiplash victims report:

    • Joint dysfunction
    • Limited range of motion (neck, arms)
    • Headaches
    • Difficulty with memory
    • Tingling or numbness in arms
    • Pain in upper back, shoulders, arms
    • Visual disturbance (blurred vision)
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Fatigue
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Depression

    The sooner you approach an accident treatment center and seek medical attention, the faster the extent of your injuries can be determined. This also affects the success of your personal injury insurance claims.

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    Treatment OptionsSome of the conservative treatment methods used to treat whiplash include:

    Chiropractic Manipulation
    Spinal Manipulation
    Electric Stimulation
    Spinal Decompression
    Physical Therapy
    Heat and Ice Therapy
    Gentle, Targeted Stretches
    Exercises and Stretching

    Soft tissue injuries such as whiplash may go unnoticed for a short period of time following an accident. Physicians and chiropractors are experienced and equipped to look for signs for whiplash and suggest appropriate treatment.

    Seeking prompt medical attention is beneficial for your health as well as for filing a personal injury claim. Having proper and adequate medical records helps at the time of claiming for injuries.

    It is common for accident victims to not be familiar with the kind of treatment they will receive at the car accident treatment center. Many are also not aware of the kind of accident treatment clinic they should visit or schedule an appointment with. Add to all this the confusion and suspicion about internal injuries, most of all whiplash.

    Once you’ve been checked by the emergency room physician or your family physician for your external injuries, it is time to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.

    The treatment plan your chiropractor will give you will depend on the nature and severity of your whiplash injury. When you present yourself at the accident clinic for examination, your chiropractor examines your injury and works out a treatment regimen for you. The test includes a detailed medical history, checking for post-traumatic internal injuries, as well as understanding all your symptoms.

    The treatment initially focuses on minimizing your pain and discomfort. Your chiropractor then recommends treatments and therapies that will attempt to restore your range of motion and better your quality of life.

    The goal at all times is to first reduce your pain and then try to completely eradicate it in the long term.

    Our chiropractic accident treatment centers in Miami and Coral Gables conduct a comprehensive exam before they customize a treatment plan especially for you. Contact our team today and end your pain.

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